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  • Boresight systems / Station for boresighting multi-sensor systems


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Boresight systems / Station for boresighting multi-sensor systems

JT stations are image projectors combined with set of laser image sensors can be used to align all typical surveillance systems to a reference optical/mechanical axis (situation when axis of all electro-optical sensors are parallel). This is a typical requirement for properly functioning multi-sensor surveillance system. These stations are built from three main blocks: 1)image projector that projects images of standard targets into direction of tested multi-sensor system, 2)laser imaging sensors that can create image of laser spots of laser range finders, laser designators or laser pointers, 3)optional auto collimating set used for alignment to a reference mechanical axis, 4)optional computer that carries analysis of information from tested imager determines relative angular coordinates of axis of optical sensors. The JT stations are offered in form of a series of versions of different size and boresight/test capabilities. Measurement/checking of: 1. Alignment error for a thermal imager working in different FOVs, 2. Alignment error for VIS-NIR camera working in different position of zoom objective, 3. Alignment error between optical axis of VIS-NIR camera and a thermal imager, 4. Alignment error between LRF and VIS-NIR camera, 5. Alignment error between LRF and thermal imager, 6. Alignment error between laser pointer and VIS/NIR camera/thermal imager 7. Resolution/sensitivity VIS-NIR cameras, 8. Resolution of thermal imagers, 9. Divergence angle of LRFs, 10. Alignment error between reference optical axis and reference mechanical axis (plane). Options: Measurement/checking: 1. Alignment error between VIS-NIR camera and SWIR imager, 2. Alignment error between thermal imager and SWIR imager, 3. Resolution/sensitivity of SWIR imagers.


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