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  • System for testing long range surveillance VIS-NIR cameras / TVT


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System for testing long range surveillance VIS-NIR cameras / TVT

Typical TVT test systems are built from the following blocks: LS-DAL calibrated multi-channel light source, CDT reflective collimator, set of exchangeable refractive collimators, MRW-8 rotary wheel, set of targets, PC, set of frame grabbers, and test/control software (DAL Control computer program, SUB-V computer program, TAS-V computer program). There are on market other systems for testing VIS-NIR cameras. However, there is a series of reasons to consider TVT station as the best solution for testing long range VIS-NIR cameras. 1. Universal modular test system that enable extended tests of all commercially available surveillance VIS-NIR cameras. 2. Ultra expanded measurement capabilities. The system enables measurement of following parameters: Resolution, Minimal Resolvable Contrast, MTF, Distortion, FOV, Sensitivity, SNR, Noise Equivalent Input, Fixed Pattern Noise, Non Uniformity, 1/f noise, 3D Noise, Number of bad pixels and bad pixel localisation, Resposivity function (Responsivity, Linearity, Dynamic, Light Range), Color fidelity. Typical test systems offer typically measurement of lower number of parameters. 3. TVT systems offer for testing VIS-NIR cameras (MRC tests) using a set of at least six USAF 1951 targets of contrast from about 3% to 100%. This test is extremely important because most of targets of interest are low contrast targets. It is easy to manufacture high contrast targets but very difficult to manufacture low contrast targets. Inframet mastered technology to produce targets of contrast as low at 2%. Typical competitor test stations offer usually only one USAF 1951 target of fixed 100% contrast. 4. Ability to simulate both day conditions and night conditions due to extremely wide range of illumination regulation in range from about 30 μlx to over 30 klx. In other words it can be said that TVT system can simulates both ultra dark nights in Afganistan mountains and very bright day conditions on Arabia desert. There is on the market no test system that could simulate illumination condition in so wide range. 5. Unique light source (tripple work mode (halogen 2856K color temperature for simulation of night&typical day conditions, white multi LED of 5000K color temperature for simulation of bright day conditions, and mixed mode) enables simulation of realistic light spectrum that can be met at real work conditions. Typical light sources can work only at halogen mode of 2856K color temperature that is poor fit to simulate day conditions. 6. Ability to simulate harmful effect of UV light on output image. This is important effect especially for high altitude application. None of systems offered by competitors can do it. 7. A set of exchangeable refractive/reflective collimators (enable regulation of angular size of the simulated scenery depending on FOV of the tested imager). Typical test systems are equipped with only one collimator and there is no possibility to optimise collimator field of view depending on VIS-NIR camera field of view. 8. Advanced software for image capturing and analysis that enable measurement of all important parameters of all types of surveillance VIS-NIR cameras. 9. Movis computer program (part of TVT system) offers calculation of detection, recognition and identification range of target of interest on basis of measured MRC. 10. TVT system offers measurement of aligning errors of zoom/step FOV objective. 11. A set of different versions of TVT stations of different test capabilities and different price is offered. It is possible to optimize TVT station depending on local requirements. 12. TVT test system has been experimentally verified by a long series of manufacturers of VIS-NIR imager, space test centers or scientific institutes that do research in field of VIS-NIR imaging who have purchased this test system.


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