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  • Field tester of binocular night vision goggles / NV20


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Field tester of binocular night vision goggles / NV20

NV20 station is a test station optimized to carry out basic tests of binocular NVGs before important missions. The task of NV20 station is to to help to optimize focus of oculars and objectives of the night vision goggles, check image resolution and to detect NVGs with serious operational defects that can endanger mission success. The station due to its compact size, small mass, battery power and simple operation can be used at field conditions as part of support equipment for night operations. TEST CONCEPT NV20 station works as a dual channel image projector. The station projects an image of a resolution target on an uniform background into direction of tested NVG located opposite to station optics. Light intensity of can be regulated at several steps to simulate typical light conditions that can be met during missions. The target is typically USAF1951 resolution target recommended by majority of military and civilian standards. However, Snellen scale resolution target (popular at air force community) can optionally replace USAF1951 target. Step regulation of distance to simulated target is possible. Two distances are typically simulated: optical infinity (distance over 1km) and distance about 20m. Most advanced version enables also to check collimation errors. Typical tasks of user of NV20: 1. to focus properly both objectives and oculars of tested NVDs, 2. to check if image resolution is better than specified limits at different operational light conditions, including high light level conditions, 3. to check if image generated by NVGs is free from operational defects (shading, edge glow, flashing,/ flickering/intermittent operation, emission points) 4. to check if collimation errors between two channels are within accepted limits. Proper focus – situation when NVGs generate sharp image of all targets located at typical operational range from about 20 m to infinity without necessity to do any refocusing.


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