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  • System for testing thermal sights/clip ons / TAIM
  • System for testing thermal sights/clip ons / TAIM
  • System for testing thermal sights/clip ons / TAIM


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System for testing thermal sights/clip ons / TAIM

TAIM can be treated as a version of DT systems optimized for testing typical thermal sights/monoculars or thermal clip ons when all tools are delivered and are optimal for fast, expanded and accurate testing. TAIM is built as typical DT120 test system (used as image projector and image analysis computer system) with a set of additional blocks: Picatinny rail for tested tested sight/clip on, set of two HEC cameras to do capture image from tested sight/clip on, AHEC adpter for positioning of HEC cameras, YNAS10 stage as an angular platform for both tested sight/clip on and the HEC cameras, DPM diopter power meter, AT720 optical table, some additional software to analyse images from HEC cameras and optional DICAN distance changers. These additional blocks convert typical DT120 system into a new test system of new features: 1. Ability to measure some parameters (MTF, FOV, distortion) of thermal sights/clip ons not only using electronic image output but by analysis of output image presented on device display, 2. Ability to measure defection angle of thermal clip ons (angular shift of passing parallel beam ) 3. Ability to measure range of regulation of diopter power of ocular of thermal sight 4. Easy mounting of tested thermal sight/clip on on Picatinny rail of regulated angular position, 5. CDT12100 collimator of aperture and focal length optical for testing typical thermal sights/clip on of optics below 120mm, 6. TCB-2D blackbody delivered in special version with internal illumination in visible light, 7. Delivery of expanded test system that does not need any additional parts to start tests of thermal sights/clip ons of optics below 120mm. Optional: 8. Ability to check if there is any image shift when focusing from infinity to simulated short distance 9. AT720 optical table for positioning of tested system and TAIM. To summarize, TAIM can be considered as near perfect system for expanded testing and boresight of thermal sights/clip ons available on international market.


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