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  • Testing laser systems / Tester of laser pointers / illuminators
  • Testing laser systems / Tester of laser pointers / illuminators


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Testing laser systems / Tester of laser pointers / illuminators

LIP station is a test station optimized for testing laser pointers, laser illuminators or fused laser pointers/illuminators. The LIP station is built from two main blocks: LBIS beam imaging system and LCOP power meter. LBIS system is a hi-tech imaging system of ultra high dynamic capable to adapt to various level of power of tested laser pointers/illuminators (dynamic over 100 000) and to present light intensity distributions created by tested laser systems. The second block enables easy measurement of power of virtually all laser pointers and laser illuminators. The LCOP meter range is optimized to fit to range of laser pointers/illuminators that are met on international market. LBIS beam imaging system is built as an optical collimator combined with a VIS-NIR camera or regulated FOV. The optical collimator focuses incoming laser beam onto diffussor plate. The image of the laser spot is analysed using the VIS-NIR camera of ultra high dynamic capable capture realistically image of laser spot of any intensity. LBIS is computerized station and measurement of divergence angle and uniformity are done using software. LCOP optical power meter is built from three modules: optical probe, electronic meter, power supply. The optical probe is a calibrated large area silicon photodiode. Special design of the probe enables to achieve ultra high dynamic and uniform directional sensitivity. Advantages of LIP test station
  • Efficient, user friendly tool for final performance evaluation of laser pointers and laser illuminators
  • Ability to measure not only power and divergence angle but also illumination uniformity
  • Compact design suitable for both laboratory, depot or field applications
  • Station optimized for testing virtually all laser pointers/illuminators on international market


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