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  • Tester of night vision periscopes / NPER
  • Tester of night vision periscopes / NPER
  • Tester of night vision periscopes / NPER


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Tester of night vision periscopes / NPER

Night vision periscope is a night vision device designed using a periscope optical system. These devices are used to enable at night condition for driver or commander of mechanical vehicles used by military, border guards, police or in some industrial heavy machinery. Night vision periscopes are divided into two groups: 1)driver binocular night vision periscopes for drivers of wide FOV (from about 30º to 40º), 2) commander binocular/monocular night vision periscopes of narrow FOV (from about 8º to 14º). Both types are built using two channel concept: night channel and day channel. Testing night vision periscopes using standard systems for testing NVDs is difficult due periscope design. This design creates necessity to use large aperture collimators in order to project test images to both channels of tested night vision periscope. NPER test station projects images of some standard targets into direction of tested night vision. The user can control light intensity and type of target to be projected. The tested NVD generates copies of the projected standard images. Images generated by tested NVD are evaluated by human observer or with help of some measuring tools and important parameters of night vision devices are determined. NPER test station is equipped with a universal XNP10 platform for mounting tested periscopes. The station enables step regulation of simulates distance to target of interest: 80m, 100m, 140m, 180m, 270m, infinity.


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