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  • Non computerized stations for testing NVDs / NVS


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Non computerized stations for testing NVDs / NVS

Night vision devices present on the market can be divided into two basic groups: A) short range night visions devices (binocular goggles, monocular goggles, monoculars) of wide field of view about 40º; B) long range night vision devices (night vision sights/binoculars of narrow field of view below about 12º). NVS test station is a modular test station optimized for testing night vision sights/binoculars but can be also used for testing night vision goggles/monoculars. Therefore NVS station can be considered as an universal tester of night vision devices. This universality has been achieved by using modular design based on several exchangeable refractive collimators, movable light source, and a set of external targets all based a horizontal platform. The test procedures used by NVS station are based on recommendations of MIL series military standards. The station projects images of some standard targets into direction of tested night vision. The user can control light intensity and type of target to be projected using two knobs. The tested NVD generates copies of the projected standard images. Images generated by tested NVD are evaluated by human observer or with help of some measuring tools (luminance probe) and important parameters of night vision devices are determined. Big advantage of NVS test station is ability to test all types of night vision devices. However, when testing is limited to only night vision goggles/monoculars and small night vision sights then NVT/NV14 stations based on vertical configuration are more reccommended.


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