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  • Testing thermal imagers system
  • Testing thermal imagers system


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Testing thermal imagers system

DT series system works a variable target projector projects optical images of different reference targets into direction of a tested thermal imager (or VIS-NIR camera) that generates electronic copy of perceived optical images. Quality of the electronic images generated by the tested imager is evaluated directly by humans or by software and important characteristics of tested imager are measured. The reference targets are mounted in a rotation wheel that is located at collimator focal plane. Only one target (called active target) is seen by the collimator. The active target is changed due to rotation of the wheel. Image of the active target is projected into direction of the tested imager. IR targets are typically manufactured in form of high metal sheet with holes. VIS-NIR targets are made from glass windows having coating of variable transmission. In both cases some parts of the targets are at least partially translucent and ares of the same transmission form required shapes. Radiation emitted by a radiation source located behind the wheel with target passes through translucent parts of the active targets and created image of the target to be projected by the collimator. Two types of radiation sources are used DT systems: 1. Typical TCB blackbody emitting thermal radiation in MWIR-LWIR spectral band 2. Color DCB blackbody. It is a special version of classical differential area blackbody combined with a light source that emits radiation in both MWIR/LWIR range and VIS-NIR range. Video image generated by tested imager is captured using a frame grabber (Inframet offers a long series of such electronic cards), later analysed by test software and important parameters of tested imagers are determined. DT systems use also a series of optional modules like: 1. Set of imitators that simulate optics of specified F-number and perfect transmission when measuring noise/sensitivity parameters of thermal camera cores or VIS-NIR camera cores 2. Rotation platform for precision positioning of tested imager 3. Active boresight target – special target integrated with a light source that offers boresight tests to a reference mechanical axis (plane) 4. Tools to regulate distance simulated by the collimator.


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