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  • Testing thermal imagers system
  • Testing thermal imagers system
  • Testing thermal imagers system


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Testing thermal imagers system

DT test system is a modular system built in most advanced version using a long series of blocks. Some of these blocks can be later delivered in different versions. The list of blocks of DT system is as below: Basic hardware blocks for testing thermal imagers: 1. CDT off axis reflective collimator (collimators of different aperture, focal length and optical quality are offered for different versions of DT system). 2. TCB-2D differential blackbody. 3. MRW-8 motorized rotary wheel (optimized for cooperation with a set of IR targets and visible targets). 4. Set of IR targets (targets to be used for testing thermal imagers - different configurations are possible). 5. PAB passive area blackbody (used during noise/sensitivity tests of thermal imagers). 6. Analog video frame grabber for capturing analog video image. 7. Digital frame grabber (grabbers) for capturing video digital images in different standards: Camera Link, GigE , LVDS, HD-SDI/DVI/HDMI, AHD/HD-TVI/HD-CVI, CoaXPress, USB2.0, USB3.0, Ethernet. 8. PC set - typical PC/laptop working under Windows 7/10 operating system (with installed frame grabbers and tested by Inframet to check compatibility with the grabbers and Inframet software). 9. High performance monitor for subjective image quality tests of tested imagers. Optional hardware blocks used when testing both thermal imagers and VIS-NIR cameras: 1. DCB color blackbody for integration with with a light source when VIS-NIR cameras. 2. Light source: different light sources are available: a)SEM - LED light source offered in two versions of different spectral bands), b)HAL - halogen light source. The light source is to be integrated with a special DCB color blackbody. Light sources can simulate. 3. Set of visible/NIR targets (targets to be used for testing VIS-NIR cameras - different configurations are possible). Optional blocks to expand test capabilities of DT systems: 1. Set of OIM imitators that simulate optics of specified F-number and perfect transmission when measuring noise/sensitivity parameters of thermal camera cores or VIS-NIR camera cores 2. RP rotation platform for precision positioning of tested imager 3. ABT active boresight target – special target integrated with a light source that offers boresight tests to a reference mechanical axis (plane) 4. Tools to regulate simulated distance: manual VDT variable distance target or FOC motorized focusing platform Control and test software: 1. TCB Control - computer program used for control of TCB blackbody and MRW wheel and for support of measurement of MRTD and MDTD characteristics of thermal imagers 2. TAS-T - computer program used for semi-automatic measurement of a series of objective parameters of thermal imagers: MTF, SiTF, NETD, FPN, non uniformity, distortion, FOV, AutoMRTD, PVF, SRF, ATF, NPSD, 3D noise. Program is delivered in form of different versions of different test capabilities. 3. SUB-T program - computer program that offers software support during measurement of subjective parameters like MRTD, MDTD (and TOD - option). 4. Light Control programs (different versions: SEM Control, HAL Control). 5. MOT Control program (control of FOC focusing stage). 6. TAS-V program: computer program used for semi-automatic measurement of a series of parameters of VISNIR cameras. Program is delivered in form of different versions of different test capabilities. 7. Dubterm virtual imager software: set of two computer programs that enable computer simulation of tested thermal imagers/VIS-NIR cameras and can speed up measurement of parameters like MRTD and MRC. 8. BOR computer program (enables calculation of aligning errors of thermal imagers and VIS-NIR cameras). 9. Performance evaluation software: a series of computer programs (Simterm, Mosot, Movis) that enable evaluation of performance of tested thermal imager/ VIS-NIR camera of measured parameters.


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