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  • Simple tester of thermal imagers / TSIM


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Simple tester of thermal imagers / TSIM

TSIM is a stand alone system that projects images of manually changed IR targets illuminated using NSB blackbody to the tested imager. The system built is from five main blocks: CDT off axis reflective collimator of standard resolution (not suitable for testing long range imagers), NSB40 blackbody. CNSB controller, TP2 target pocket, a set of IR targets. CDT reflective collimator works as an image projector for the IR target set at its focal plane and irradiated by NSB40 blackbody. TSIM typically project two types of thermal imagers: a)Image of a cross target (two sizes are possible), b)image of IR USAF 1951 target. Thermal contrast of projected images can be regulated using CNSB controller changing temperature of NSB blackbody. It should be noted that in NSB40 is a non stabilized blackbody. User can regulate of temperature but temperature is not stabilized and not accurately measured (only relative indication is available). TSIM is a perfect tool for manufacturers of thermal imagers or maintenance workshops that need simple, low cost tools to check resolution and focusing and to compare sensitivity between several imagers.


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