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  • Testing laser systems / Portable boresight tester of laser range finders


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Testing laser systems / Portable boresight tester of laser range finders

LBOR is a portable boresight tester of transmitters of laser range finders to be aligned with optical sights or VIS-NIR video cameras. It can be used also optionally to test aligning accuracy with thermal imagers. LBOR works as an image projector that projects image of a sensing card into direction of tested LRF. User that operates tested system (LRF integrated with optical sight or VIS-NIR video camera) can see at the same time an aiming mark and a spot created by transmitter of LRF. If the center of laser spot is not on the center of aiming mark it means that tested system is not properly aligned, and aligning should be corrected. An optional computer that carries analysis of images of laser spot can be used to improve accuracy of measurement of boresight errors. LBOR is not an universal boresight station. It is a customized portable boresight station of design optimized for specific type of LRF/optical sight. Design geometry can change depending on details of tested LRF. TEST CAPABILITIES Design of LBOR is optimized for testing boresight accuracy of transmitters of monopulse LRF operating at 1060/1540/1550/1570nm wavelength with aiming channel built using optical sight or VIS-NIR camera (option thermal imager). It can be also optionally used to test aligning accuracy of multipulse LRFs. Minimal resultion of detected aligning errors is estimated to be about 0.1 mrad.


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