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  • Meter of gain of NVDs / NIG


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Meter of gain of NVDs / NIG

Typical NIG station is optimized for testing night vision goggles/monooculars of FOV about 40º and built using small optical objectives (aperture below 30 mm). Next, intensity of the light source can be regulated only in narrow range just to enable to achieve value of illuminance recommended by MIL standards. However, NIG test station can be optionally delivered in versions capable to test also NVDs of narrow FOV having bigger optics and to do tests at variable illuminance levels. Possible options are listed below: 1. MOP – medium optics projector – enables testing NVDs of optics up to 60 mm 2. LOP - large optics projector – enables testing NVDs of optics up to 150 mm 3. VILS – variable intensity light source – enables testing NVDs simulating illuminance in range from 20μlx to 0.2lx (useful for R&D projects) Measurement of brightness gain NIG station projects in direction of tested NVD an uniform image that fills totally FOV of tested NVDs. Luminance of the light source that generates this uniform image is set to the value recommended by MIL standards. The light source is highly uniform and performs like a Lambertian source within angle determined by FOV of typical NVDs. Output luminance of screen of image intensifier tube seen via ocular of tested NVD is measured using a small luminance probe located just behind the ocular. Microprocessor of NIG calculated brightness gain of tested NVD as a ratio of output luminance to input luminance of the light source. Measurement of current consumption User inserts a dummy battery into a battery compartment of tested NVDs and connects the dummy battery to power socket in NIG station. The second of two displays of NIG station presents value of the current consumption. User can also regulate power voltage and check how current and brightness gain vary with variable power voltage.  


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