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  • System for testing long range surveillance VIS-NIR cameras / TVT


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System for testing long range surveillance VIS-NIR cameras / TVT

Surveillance VIS-NIR cameras (CCD/CMOS/ ICCD/ EBCCD/EBAPS, etc) are used widely in many long range surveillance applications as independent imagers or as part of a bigger multi-sensor surveillance systems. Majority of VIS-NIR cameras is used for day level applications but an increasing number of these cameras is used to enable surveillance in both night and day conditions. In both cases it is important to verify performance of these cameras under varying illumination conditions from very dark nights to ultra bright days. Important missions can fail due to too low sensitivity of VIS-NIR cameras at night conditions (dark, noisy images) or due to too low dynamic at ultra bright day conditions (saturated, blurred images). Next, it is important to use VIS-NIR cameras that generate high quality images in order to achieve maximal effective surveillance ranges. The TVT station is a variable intensity image projector that projects images of some standard targets into direction of tested VIS-NIR camera. The tested camera generates copies of the projected images. Quality of the images generated by the camera is evaluated and its important characteristics are measured. The TVT station enable simulation of both ultra dark nights (moonless clouded nights) and ultra bright days (bright sand desert at noon) and accurate testing performance of surveillance VIS-NIR cameras working at any illumination conditions. Testing surveillance VIS-NIR cameras with TVT test station generate a series of parameters that give vital information about potential camera surveillance capabilities for camera users. In case of camera designers, the tests using TVT system can deliver valuable information about methods to improve design of tested VIS-NIR cameras.


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