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  • Testing laser systems / System for boresight of laser range finders


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Testing laser systems / System for boresight of laser range finders

In order to enable proper work of laser range finder not only transmitter and receiver must be fully operational but also these two main modules and aiming channel (internal optical sight, thermal imager, VIS-NIR camera) must be properly aligned. This means that: 1. Optical axis of transmitter must be parallel to optical axis of the aiming device, 2. Optical axis of receiver must be parallel to optical axis of transmitter. If condition no 1 is not fulfilled then LRF will miss target during shooting. If condition no 2 is not fulfilled the operational range will be lower or LRF will not work at all. Accurate boresight of LRFs at R&D/production phase is typically a difficult and time consuming task. LJT120 is a modular system to support boresight of all types of LRFs (monopulse/ multipulse, different wavelengths) and at different application levels (R&D, manufacturing line, final quality check, maintenance, repairing workshop). The system is optimized to enable high speed, accurate, user friendly boresight of laser range finders. In detail LJT120 generates three overlapped images: 1)laser spot emitted by the transmitter, 2)cross reticle of the aiming device, 3) detector of the receiver. In case of perfectly aligned LRF the centers of laser spot, cross reticle and the receiver detector are at the same position. This graphical presentation of alignment errors makes possible user friendly boresight operation to achieve zero alignment errors. LJT120 station enables also ultra accurate measurement of divergence angle laser beam emitted by the transmitter or angular size of detector of the receiver.


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