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  • Testing laser systems / Performance tester of laser range finders


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Testing laser systems / Performance tester of laser range finders

LTF station is a compact, mobile test station based on a concept of a test station that would imitate performance field tests of LRFs in laboratory/depot conditions and eliminates several drawbacks of field tests: long time duration, high costs and variable results due to unpredictable behavior of atmosphere. Design of LTF is based on a concept of a test station that transmits a light pulse generated by the transmitter of tested LRF through a long fiber optics line of regulated attenuation and finally emits a small fraction of incoming light into direction of a receiver of tested LRF. Maximal attenuation of fiber loop when tested LRF indicate proper distance of fiber loop is good indicator of operational range of this LRF. The design concept of fiber loop appears to be very simple to implement. Practically design of LTF station is sophisticated due to necessity to design a special calibrated fiber loop of fixed distance but of regulated angular size of input, regulated angular size of output, and regulated attenuation at several wavelengths where LRFs operate. Features 1. LTF simulates real field tests conditions. User sees a small bright square target and shoots to it. 2. Measured parameters: ER extinction ratio (indirect measurement of operational ranger), distance discrimination (option) 3. Checking of boresight errors and divergence angle 4. Ability to test both monopulse LRFs and multipulse LRFs 5. LRFs working at all typical wavelengths can be tested: 905/910 nm, 1060nm, 1540nm, 1550nm, 1570nm. 6. Ability to simulate six targets of different angular size (from 0.25 mrad to 4 mrad). 7. Fully computerized test system. Target size, system attenuation can be controlled from PC. 8. Ability to test laser range finder equipped with night vision channel. 9. Enables testing typical dual channel LRFs with internal aiming channel or external aiming channel located close to receiver/transmitter.


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