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  • Non computerized stations for testing NVDs / NV14


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Non computerized stations for testing NVDs / NV14

NV14 test station is a compact, stand alone, user friendly test station optimized for testing of surveillance night vision devices of magnification from 1 to 3 (optionally 4). Such devices represent majority of night vision devices offered on market: all night vision goggles, monoculars, and most of night vision sights and binoculars. The station projects images of some standard targets into direction of tested night vision device fixed on the upper wall and looking down. The user can control light intensity and type of target to be projected. The tested NVD generates distorted copies of the projected standard images. Images generated by tested NVD are evaluated by human observer or with help of some measuring tools (luminance probe, optical bridge) important parameters of night vision devices are determined. The station can be optionally equipped with an adapter that enables simplified testing of image intensifier tubes, too. NV14 test station can be treated as a NVT station with bigger internal collimator (55 mm for NV14 and 30mm for NVT station) modified to test not only night vision goggles/monoculars but also to test night vision sights/binoculars. The station enables testing night vision sights/binoculars of apertures up to about 70 mm (magnification 3-4). If sights/binoculars of bigger aperture or magnification are to be tested then NVS test station is recommended. Next, NVT station is recommended when only night vision goggles/monoculars are to be tested due to convenient mechanized target exchange in NVT station instead of manual target exchange in NV14 station. The test procedures used by the NV14 station are based on recommendations of the MIL series military standards.


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