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  • Simple tester of thermal imagers / DTR


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Simple tester of thermal imagers / DTR

Thermal imagers built using optics with very short focal length (range from about 1mm to about 10mm) of wide/extremely wide FOV (from about 20º to about 120º) are becoming popular. Testing such imagers is a challenge because of their very low resolution (resolution if often below lowest spatial frequency of biggest target in typical test systems). DTR can be treated as a special version of classical DT system. Both systems work as variable target projectors that use a series of reference targets to project their images to a tested thermal imager. Classical DT systems are built using reflective collimators of relatively long focal length and big aperture when DTR system is built using a refractive collimator of relatively short focal length and small aperture. Therefore the same infrared reference target projected by DTR system will be perceived by tested imager as much large target comparing to situation when the same imager sees this target projected by a DT system. Mathematically it means that DTR systems can project images of 4-bar targets of spatial frequency several times lower than typical DT system. Nyquist spatial frequency (equal to 1/2 IFOV) of thermal imager tested imager tested using DTR system can to be as low as 0.02lp/mrad (case of an imager built using 17um sensor and objective of focal length equal to 0.68mm.It makes possible testing virtually all imagers of extremely wide FOV offered on market. Next, DT system is equipped with two collimators of two different focal length and FOV. It makes possible to choose optimal collimator depending on resolution and FOV of tested imager. DTR system is typically offered in version for testing LWIR imagers. However, it can be optionally delivered capable to test MWIR imagers. DESIGN STRUCTURE 1. Set of two refractive collimators: CROL430 refractive collimator of 300mm focal length and CROL210 refractive collimator of 100mm focal length (collimators offered for LWIR or MWIR band) 2. TCB-2D differential blackbody (reference radiation source) 3. MRW-8 motorized rotary wheel (optimized for a set of eight targets) 4. YWAS45 rotating platform (for positioning tested imager) 5. Set of IR targets (number and type depend on version) 6. Standard analog video frame grabber 7. Digital frame grabber (customer can choose digital image standard including low resolution standards like SPI or UART) 8. PC set - typical PC set working under Windows 7/10 operating system 9. TCB Control - computer program used for control of TCB blackbody and MRW wheel 10. SUB-T program - computer program that offers software support during measurement of subjective parameters like MRTD, MDTD 11. TAS-T - computer program used for semi-automatic measurement of a series of objective parameters of thermal imagers: MTF, SiTF, NETD, FPN, non uniformity, distortion, FOV, Response function, 3DNoise, NPSD, Bad pixels, PVF, SRF, ATF, SNR, MDTD, Auto-MRTD. Program is delivered in different versions of different test capabilities.


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