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  • Mobile measuring set for testing VIS-NIR cameras / TVT / LOF


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Mobile measuring set for testing VIS-NIR cameras / TVT / LOF

The LOF measuring set is a mobile variable distance measuring system that project images of a set of standard targets directly to the tested VIS/NIR camera. The tested camera generates a distorted copies of the projected images. Quality of the images generated by the VIS-NIR camera is evaluated and its important characteristics are measured. The LOF test set does not use collimator for image projection and the distance target- camera must be longer than the minimal focusing distance of the tested imager. Therefore LOF is optimized for testing short/medium range cameras. Different patterns can be projected into the direction of the tested imager. All important parameters of surveillance VIS/NIR cameras can be measured but LOF system is recommended for basic tests of cameras (resolution, MRC, sensitivity, dynamic range). The LOF test system are recommended for testing VIS-NIR cameras field conditions or at laboratory/depot conditions when a long corridor as a test place can be used. Accuracy of measurements with LOF test systems is similar as accuracy of measurements with laboratory class TVT/VINIS systems assuming proper measurement conditions.
  • Versatile measuring tool that can be used in both field and laboratory applications
  • Enable testing both level TV cameras and LLLTV cameras for night applications
  • Small size test set suitable for field/depot applications
  • No limitations on optical aperture of tested TV cameras when minimal distance between the LOF measuring set and the tested imager is higher that than the minimal focusing distance of the tested imager
  • Possible to test TV cameras from some distance (no necessity to remove imager from a helicopter to test it)
  • A few TV cameras can be tested at the same time (LOF can projects imagers to a few TV cameras at the same time)
  • Test capabilities: resolution, MRC, MTF, sensitivity, NEI, FPN, non uniformity, SNR, distortion, FOV.


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