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  • System for basic tests of SWIR cameras /  SINIS


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System for basic tests of SWIR cameras / SINIS

SINIS system can be treated as a cost effective solution for testing SWIR cameras. It is based on manual halogen light source coded as LS-MAH-SW (non calibrated in basic version) in contrast to computerized calibrated SAL light source. Next, targets are manually inserted when in ST system targets are automatically exchanged using MRW-8 rotary wheel. Finally, SINIS is typically delivered as an image projector without PC and test software (it is assumed that these blocks are delivered by customer if needed). All these changes in design have enabled significant price reduction comparing to typical ST test system. SINIS system is built from following blocks: CDT collimator (three models of different aperture and different focal length are offered), LS-MAH-SW light source (offered in a series of versions ), TAMAH target adapter to enable manual insertion of test targets, Set of targets, Set of spectral filters. SINIS is typically built using one of three collimators: CDT660HR collimator, CDT11100HR collimator, CDT15150HR collimator. SINIS built using CDT11100HR is coded as SINIS 110, and SINIS built using CDT15150HR is coded as SINIS 150.  


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