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  • Fused imagers / Active target
  • Fused imagers / Active target
  • Fused imagers / Active target


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Fused imagers / Active target

Targets are modules that can create image of reference patterns needed when testing electro-optical imaging systems. The targets manufactured by Inframet can be divided into two groups: 1)Passive targets, 2)Active targets. The passive targets need to be irradiated by a uniform beam of light generated by blackbodies or calibrated light sources in order to create images of reference image patterns. These targets are typically small modules of bigger test systems and are located at collimator focal plane. The passive targets do not need electric power for proper work. These are typically small size targets that are used as part of big modular test systems manufactured by Inframet (DT, TAIM, TVT, MS). The active targets create images of reference image patterns due to their own thermal radiation or due to reflected light emitted by sources typically met in human environment. These targets are typically big stand alone modules (dimensions from 500mm to 3000mm) that need electric power for proper work. Active targets are directly seen by tested EO imagers. These target are popular solution for testing fusion algorithms of fused imagers or as resolution targets of thermal imagers / VIS-NIR cameras. FUT series targets are an example of active targets. They are are often used to test fusion imaging systems or thermal imagers. Fusion imaging systems offer increased surveillance capabilities due to fusion of classical thermal image with classical visible image. The fusion systems are typically built using a multi-sensor imaging system composed with a thermal imager and a visible imaging camera (night vision device, visible camera). Fusion of two images can be done using optical method or digital (digital image processing) method. Generating high resolution fused image is not an easy task due to a series of reasons. Necessity to correct differences in distortion/magnification of images generated by different imaging sensors is one of such reasons. Special targets of well known geometry visible for all imaging sensors are needed for development of image correction algorithms. The FUT target has been developed to support fusion images from two channels in digital fusion imagers. It is built as a chess board target that emits its own thermal radiation (the target is actually a large area radiation source of regulated uniform temperature) and reflects also incoming radiation in visible/NIR range. Therefore the chess pattern can be seen by both thermal imagers operating in MWIR/LWIR range and by NVDs/cameras operating in visible/NIR range. Then the target can be used for determination of a two dimensional map of spatial displacement of image from thermal imaging channel relative to image from the visible imaging channel. FUT targets can be also used for testing typical thermal imagers to verify resolution of these imagers.


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