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  • Testing thermal imagers system


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Testing thermal imagers system

DT systems in expanded versions can enable measurement of a long list of parameters of thermal imagers. These parameters are listed below using criterion of their popularity: 1. MRTD (Mimimal Resolvable Temperature Difference) 2. NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) 3. MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) 4. FOV (Field of View) 5. Distortion 6. FPN (Fix Pattern Noise) 7. Non-uniformity 8. Bad pixels 9. Magnification 10. Response function, 11. 3D-Noise, 12. MDTD (Minimal Detectable Temperature Difference) 13. TOD (Triangle Orientation Discrimination) 14. AutoMRTD Automatic Minimal Resolvable Temperature Difference) 15. NPSD (Noise Power Spectral Density) 16. PVF (Point Visibility Factor) 17. SRF (Slit Response Function) 18. SNR (Signal To Noise Ratio) 19. NER (Noise Equivalent Radiance) 20. NEI (Noise Equivalent Irradiance) 21. NEP (Noise Equivalent Power) 22. D* (Normalized Detectivity)


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