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  • Wide Angle image Projector / TWAP 1-11L

TWAP 1-11L

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Wide Angle image Projector / TWAP 1-11L

Most reflective collimators are also characterized to relatively small FOV typically not bigger than about 2.5º and relatively big size and mass. It practically means that that such collimator can project image of test target in angle not bigger than this value. Image projection of targets of angular size 1-3º into direction of tested imager is typically enough measure most of important parameters of tested thermal imagers. However, there are some applications when projections of bigger test targets is required or image projector must be smaller. TWAP 1-11L is a wide angle image projector built using a refractive collimator of wide field of view optimized for LWIR band. The projector is characterized by relatively wide projection angle (at least 11º), compact design and small mass. These features make TWAP 1-11L an ideal choice for testing small thermal imagers of wide FOV or any application when compact LWIR image projectors are needed. Small size and wide projection angle has been achieved by accepting decrease of collimator resolution comparing to resolution of reflective collimators. Therefore TWAP 1-11L projector should rather be used for testing wide FOV collimators of Nyquist frequency not higher than about 1.5-2 lp/mrad. Testing imagers of medium of narrow FOV is not recommended. Typical version is optimized for work at laboratory conditions. However, special athermal version capable to work at extreme temperatures can be delivered, too. TWAP 1-11L belong to a family of wide angle image projectors based on different refractive collimators.


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